Austin Thomas
Books and Catalogues
  Austin Thomas: Perches and Drawings
Essays by Roger D. Hodge, Jeffrey Kastner, Shamim M. Momin, and Daniel Strong
  Binstock, Jonathan and Schmidt, Stacey, “The 48th Corcoran Biennial: Closer to Home”, Corcoran Gallery of Art, catalog essay  
  Temporary Residents: 24 page catalog of show at MetroTech Center in Brooklyn, published by the Public Art Fund, Edited and Written by Jeffrey Kastner
Articles and Reviews
  Joan Waltemath, The Brooklyn Rail, ““May Day in March Austin Thomas Utopian” March 2014  
  Thomas Micchelli, Hyperallergic, “Communal Spirits: Artists, Advocates and Unlocked Rooms” Galleries, Weekend Oct. 13, 2012  
  James Panero, The New Criterion, “Gallery Chronicle” January 2011  
  Thomas Micchelli, The Brooklyn Rail, “Austin Thomas, Drawing on the Utopic” October 2010  
  Mario Naves, City Arts, "Austin Thomas at Storefront," October 13, 2010  
  Paddy Johnson, The L Magazine, "Editors Pick: Austin Thomas, Drawing on the Utopic," Oct. 2010  
  Roberta Smith, The New York Times, “Artists Without Mortarboards” Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009 p. AR76  
  Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine, “Art on a Shoestring: That’s where creativity really thrives,” Nov. 30, 2009 p. 53  
  Sharon Butler, The Brooklyn Rail, “Lost In Space: Art Post-Studio” June 2008  
  Blake Gopnik, The Washington Post, “At Bottom, A Comfortable Way to Look at Things,” Mar. 19, 2005 p. C02  
  The New Yorker, “Goings On: Art, Galleries, Downtown,” July 12-19, 2004 p. 24  
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  Pocket Utopia